We live in a world in which we interact with many people every day. The moment we meet people we make certain judgements about them, based purely on the way they look and behave, that is called a First Impression.

I’m an etiquette consultant by profession. I run a finishing school by the name of Savoir Faire Academie in Mumbai. In this video I’m going to share a few simple tips to create a lasting first impression. Your first greeting should be clear and formal. The first “Hello” should be followed by mentioning your first and your last name when you meet someone in a social setting. For example, “Hello, I’m Konkona Bakshi”.

If you are in a business environment you should start off with a Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening, your first and your last name followed by a how do you do if you have never met the person before. or pleased to meet you or pleasure meeting you if you have interacted with them before.

For example, “Good Morning, my name is Konkana Bakshi, How Do you do?” Just a simple smile can help you look more approachable and friendly. A sincere smile is the key to a lasting first impression. A good greeting is when you smile with your eyes and your eyebrows are slightly raised. Without a genuine smile your first introduction would have less impact. Also, Personal hygiene is very important for your first impression and your overall image. A flossed and freshly minted mouth can instil the confidence you need to project.

How long is too long when you’re maintaining eye contact? The correct answer is 3-5 seconds. Another key point for a very good first impression is to make eye contact while you are introducing yourself. Also during a conversation it is important to maintain good eye contact and not to look away, it’s distracting and takes the focus away from the conversation. Your handshake can make or break your first impression. A good handshake builds trust and compatibility.

A limp or a bone crushing handshake achieves exactly the opposite. When you offer a handshake, just make sure your palm faces inwards, you lock your web with the person in front of you and offer two firm shakes. Another thing to keep in mind when you’re offering a handshake, is to offer your palm facing inwards exposing your web and not to offer only your fingers. Mastering a good handshake is key, it requires a little bit of practise but it’s a fabulous way to make a great first impression. Follow all these tips and watch your self confidence grow. I hope this video helps you out and you get to internalize these tips in your day-to-day life.

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