today’s practice we need a mat and apillow starting in a seated position in vajrasana knees will be bent backwardsspine straight we’ll begin with abdominal breathingplace your right hand on your belly as you inhale fill the belly with air likea balloon as you exhale collapse the belly matwill stay closed throughout only breathing through the nose inhaling fillthe belly exhale that it collapse continue three more times you can closeyour eyes inhale exhale inhale fill the body exhaling collapse completely groundyourself inhale and exhale slowly place your hands on yourshoulders elbows pointing outward we will start with shoulder rotations tryto tap the Ibis

at the side slower and big circles let breathing be naturalfive four slow and big circles three two no tension in the neck one and antidirection five starting from the back four three no rush keep it slow two oneslowly release your hands now take a right hand up left hand downalong the length of the spine it’s okay if your hands don’t reach each otherstay as far as you can let’s pretty avoiding this position makesure your chin is parallel to the ground one natural

breathing to relax themuscles of your back three feel your chest lifting four relax your neck fivefeel your shoulders opening up and slowly release your hands repeating onthe other side take your left hand up and right hand down chin parallel closeyour eyes one natural breathing to relax your backthree feel your chest lifting for relax your neck five feel your shouldersopening up and slowly release everything from you come onto your palms andtransition into a cat position knees slightly apart palms right below theshoulders on the inhalation art

Shaba exhalation round that spine let themovement and breath be in complete sync no jerks in the neck really slow mindfulmovement inhaling arching exhaling rounding theback continue four more times keep moving slow arch feeling thevertebra exeunt round inhale look straight exhale round and look towardsthe belly inhale and exhale spine is relaxed and mobilized slowly from

your widen the knees as muchas your body permits comfortably into mando kasanov frog pores you can usesome padding like towels below your knees to please the inner side of yourthigh and inner side of the knee cap on the mat palms on the floor make sureyour hip and knees stay in the same line we’re slowly going to open up the hipsand release some tightness if being on the

palm seems easy you can go deeperonto your elbows you can dress your head on a pillow to close your eyes and keepnatural breathing yeah we’re going to hold let the inner thigh gently open upin this position keep breathing any tension we are holding in thisregion breathe it all out let your exhalations become longer thanyour innovations keep all your attention around the

sensation of the hips andties keep breathing don’t hold your breath last few breaths slowly come back on your pumps and getthe knees close to each other back again duck your toes and lift your knees up inAdama Gershwin hacen downward facing dog take your legs hip width apart and armsshoulder-width apart try to keep the years in line with yourarms and let the heels go as low as possible keep the spine as straight aspossible try not rounding it just a few

long breaths here you can softly evenbetter your feet if that feels good close your eyes let the blood rushtowards your head let the breath travel to the lower body releasing your lowerback into the hips feel your hamstrings ankles and your feet releasingfeel the opening keep breathing

soft gently drop yourknees and head to the earth into ballast and/or child’s clothes let your back beround video knees close to each other close your eyes again let the tree thinkslow down let your limbs rest here for a few moments back is in a wound likeposition completely relaxed let all the heaviness sink into theground sink into the earth Rolly slowly lift yourself up roll over and

lie downon your back bend both your knees and place the right ankle on top of the leftknee let your right hand needle into the gaps formed by the legs and left handcome from the outside hug your left shin neck will be down close your eyes andkeep letting the left knee come closer to your chest slowly and steadily don’tuse any force be really gentle let the

right hip keep feeling a long stretchand release let the breathing be soft try to relax the shoulders while in thisposition really slowly release your hands andswitch legs place the left ankle on top of the right knee let your left handneedle into the gap formed by the legs right hand coming from outside hug yourright shin neo keep your neck relaxed let the shoulders be relaxed keepletting the right knee fall towards the chest slow natural breathing feel the

releasein the left hip just a few moments slowly release thehands and the legs trap that below and place it on your lower back bend yourknees and let the base of your feet touch each other in a sleeping butterflyposition suck the but the conus on right hand on the chest left hand on the bellylet both your elbows be rested on the mat close your eyes you just notice theeffect of the movement of your chest and belly on your hands moving up

moving down inhaling and exhaling let the breathkeep slowing down inhale exhale let your body relax forehead completely relaxed eyes rested let each cell restore itself soft long threads back is getting released and hips upopening keeping your eyes closed slowlystraighten out your legs and release the pillowhug your ties into your chest take a few give yourself a long hug the rollover softly and come to acomfortable seated position rub your palms together you create some heat andcup your eyes with a few gentle blinks open your eyes namaste

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