It’s all good in the hood until Aunt Flocomes knocking at your door! While dealing with the harrowing pain, gnawingdiscomfort and turbulent mood swings may seem like a monthly punishment by mother nature,here are 5 hacks that will make you a survivor of this horror story! Feeling completely lost and blue? Just turn to your tunes! Believe it or not, music can actually transportyou to a much more tolerable reality.

While an upbeat rhythm can lift your low spirits,a song with slow beats can actually help you stay calm and relaxed. The best part about listening to your favouritesongs is that singing the lyrics helps divert your mind from any anxious thoughts and distractsyou from the gruelling cramps.

So the next time you feel down and out, turnup your period playlist and before you know it, you’ll have it all figured out! While the world fails to understand us women,we fail to understand our uncontrollable desire for certain food items during the time ofthe month. Whether your taste buds want some snackabledelights or you just straight up feel like eating for 3, it is completely normal to givein to them – every so often.

Surprisingly, indulging in dark chocolatescan have multiple benefits when you’re on your period. Apart from releasing happy hormones like serotonin,it also helps in relaxing your muscles because it contains magnesium and omega fatty acids.

To soothe your tummy troubles you can evenindulge in a nice helping of scrumptious yogurt. It’s a great source of calcium which helpsto keep your PMS under control- keeping you happy and the people around you happier! So the next time your temptations kick in-takeone for the team and just give in! Whether bearable or not, cramps are somethingwe all wish we could live without.

There are many over the counter medicationsthat are available but in order to treat your body right, there are plenty of other remediesthat could actually give you the needed respite. A hot water bag is the most comforting thingto your uterus as it helps in easing the blood flow thus alleviating the painful cramps. For a quick pamper session, you can heat upsome aromatic essential oil and massage it in gentle circular motion which relieves excessivepressure from your pelvic area.

You can also turn to accupressure by pressingthe fleshy region in between your thumb and index finger. This will help release endorphins and sootheyour mind. As important as it is to take it easy andrelax, being cooped up all day in your room could make you feel lethargic and even fatigued. Moving around, exercising or just gettingout for a walk can make you feel refreshed and happy.Yoga Asanas or even basic stretchingexercises will get your blood pumping and help loosen those tight muscles that makeyou feel bloated. It also releases endorphins which are responsiblefor making you feel positive and happy.

So the next time you feel like you just can’tget out of bed, know that it is exactly why you should. Someone rightly said that water is the solutionto all the problems in the world! Feeling sluggish and dehydrated is a commonphenomenon during periods that can be kept at bay easily by having enough water. It keeps you fresh that helps you concentrateand also keeps your tummy fuller for longer so you don’t have any hunger related moodswings. You know that bloated belly that you absolutelyhate? It is because of the extra waste that getsaccumulated due to hormonal fluctuations and can be easily flushed out if you have 8-9glasses of water in the day.

Yes, periods can be a nightmare but with thesefew, easy steps we can definitely have a happy period.

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